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I think it was a brilliant session, I learnt more about myself- I am pleasantly surprised! 



Got the job! Thank you. It’s sales and I will be relocating soon.

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Hi, just wanted to tell you that the last few days were really revealing for me. I didn’t know that things would or could unfold this way. I am still processing but I have noticed changes already. Just wanted to say I send gratitude and love to you. 


This has been an experience like no other. I did not know a coach could be so friendly yet professional. I felt at so much ease, Akanksha. I do not think I have ever spoken this much and you truly made me go deep and think about what really matters. I am so glad, I have finally started my own business and this break through could not have happened without you.

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The discovery call was more than enough to know you are the right fit for me. Thank you! I just got my promotion today. 


Hi, Akanksha. First session was a bit overwhelming for me. I did not know this how coaches operate to be honest I had no idea what to expect. I am glad I stayed. The progress is amazing and just wanted to say I am more confident in office and I was finally able to confront and deal with the employee. It feels great to get it off my chest. 

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I have been struggling with a sense of purpose for a very long time now. Getting clarity was so tough for me, I finally took my friend's advise and reached out to Akanksha. Best decision, I ever made! Not only did it end my procrastination, but also I feel more productive. I am finally selling my products online and let go off my 9-to-5. If fear is stopping you, I HIGHLY recommend her.


I have known Akanksha for a decade. As a fellow lawyer, I felt she was most relatable to approach. I was burning out and Akanksha helped me become more aware of this. i am glad, I connected with her for coaching. 

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I am glad we connected via instagram. The first thing I understood is that a coach does not advise but yes she did bring out the best in me! I am glad she did. I am dating again and could not have been happier. Not only that, I took back a lot from my sessions and feel more confident as a person. 

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