Why I moved from Psychotherapy to Coaching?

Coaching versus Therapy - Both?
Coaching or Therapy?

Dictionary defines Psychotherapy (sometimes called “talk therapy”) is a term for a variety of treatment techniques that aim to help a person identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Also, used to release and/or understand deeper emotions.

This worked well for a while.

Then it created a pool of the past where I was just swimming.

See what happens when you keep looking back is that you keep finding reasons and justifications for the present choices and the future. How many times have you told yourself: Oh, I attracted a toxic partner because my parents had a toxic relationship; or Oh, I have a horrible boss because I was never able to stand up for myself.

So many reflections were good but they were not working for me in moving forward. Often these made me avoid or confront the situation without fully applying myself to what I really wanted.

I then came across life coaching. The idea seemed very basic – taking you from your current way of being to your new way of being. So I gave it a shot and things I realized about this approach:


  • Creates the future

Coaching takes you forward. It does not focus on the past or does not judge why you are where you are in life. This approach can work well for those who are willing to let go off the past and deep dive into their future.


  • No judgement

Coaching does not judge your present i.e. your coach is neutral to your present situation. The focus of the coach is your new way of being. To practice this a coach never diagnosis your past actions.

Looking for a fix to a situation?
Transactional Coaching

  • May be purely transactional

In therapy, the focus is almost always the overall mental well-being of the individual but coaching can be transactional. This implies you may take help of a fitness coach with the intend to lose certain weight or work with a sales coach to increase sales for your business. Neither approach is right or wrong. It primarily comes down to what the individual is seeking.

Non-Judgemental Coaching
Show Up as Yourself

  • Does education matter

Your therapist relies a lot on education. No offence to the therapists out there who put years of work to decipher the workings off the human mind. But to me, I did not want to be put in a bucket and sometimes I felt that to be the case. Coaching helped explore the situation in a flexible form and manner.


  • Mental health and illness requires proper diagnosis

Though a strong advocate of coaching, I do believe that certain illness and ailments require professional help. A coach should not step into this domain. While many individuals tend to consult therapists and coaches simultaneously, this boundary should always be respected by a good coach.

In a nutshell, both have their own place and while the on-going debate persists, it is good to honor professionals and what they bring to the table from all walks of life.

Have a different view or want to connect? Wondering what may be the right path for you? Reach out to me.

**Disclaimer: Views expressed here are strictly personal. They should not persuade or dissuade anyone considering therapy. If you require any medical advice, do reach out to the relevant experts in the field.