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Self Love – The Healing Journey with Coaching!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

You are very special!!

There is no one else like you in this whole damn planet. So you deserve full affection not only from those around you, but also from the most valuable person in your life: YOU. The most valuable relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. You must be truly happy with who you are.

So now what is this self-love?

Simply put love for one-self. People often frown at the suggestion of self-love, as though it's goofy and self-indulgent. However, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. But why, you may ask? I can love another, so why is the self so important? Think about this – if you have one piece of chocolate, how much can you afford to give your friend? Maybe half, if you give the full piece you will feel empty, if you give a three quarters, you may feel exploited. So what happens when you are brimming with love? Would not the love overflow all around. You become a source of love in your own life, everything changes!!

So self-love is the key ingredient to your evolvement and development. For many of us, practicing self-love can be difficult, particularly when we are facing severe challenges. It can be very hard to connect with ourselves, our thoughts etc. because at some level we seek constant validation – maybe from our boss, our parent and even our child.

Self worthiness triggers self love
Self Worth Plays a Huge Role in Self Worth

How does this lack of self-love reflect in the work we do?

When you are your own critic, how do you expect someone else to love you. You are waiting for a promotion and your colleague who is also your friend gets it. What is your first thought? “I must not be good enough.” It is obvious thought to have but also not the most accurate. Did you ask your boss? Did you think it could be about the organization? No. You took the blame and spent the whole year blaming a typo you did for not getting the promotion.

"Practice self-love to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts and live a life that sparkles"

To love yourself is to know your own worth and value. Deep inside we all know how important it is to love our self, but the hardest part for most people is figuring out how to do it.

We like to think of self-love as an art form that can be learned and sharpened over time here at aligned action coach. We assist you in building a caring and balanced friendship with yourselves, assist you in letting go the feeling of not being enough. You'll see that your actions spontaneously changes in a way that aligns with your desires in life as you practice this journey of self-love. So start your journey to your true self today- start with love and everything else will follow.

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