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Raising your Self-Esteem with Coaching

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Accepting oneself in all of its complexities is what self-esteem entails. It is the judgment or opinion we hold about ourselves and knowing one's worth regardless of the circumstances! A healthy self-esteem makes us love for who we are and is not based on what we are capable of or on what others think of us! A fish cannot be compared with a lion. Everyone has their own place and it’s the positive self esteem that acts as a reminder.

Self-esteem is a wonderful journey of discovering one's own potential to live a meaningful life. Although everybody loses motivation at times, people with poor self-esteem are disappointed or dissatisfied with themselves on a regular basis. It is possible to improve one's self-esteem, but it requires focus and everyday practice.

An individual with low self-esteem typically:

  • Fails to recognise or ignore their good qualities

  • It makes them believe they are less intelligent than their coworkers.

  • Makes the assumption that luck plays a significant part in all of their accomplishments and refuses to take responsibility for them.

  • When things go wrong, they blame themselves rather than considering other factors about which they have no power, such as other people's behaviour or economic powers.

  • Doesn't trust anyone who praises them.

How do you love yourself?
Be Empowered

How can you overcome challenges and build a positive self-esteem?

Self-esteem is simply your evaluation of your self worth. It is belief about yourself intertwined with the emotional self. So when in doubt try the following techniques:

1. Make a list of your previous successes

Consider the moments in your life when you've accomplished something. Make a list of these occasions to remind yourself of how you did it and how wonderful it was to accomplish your objectives. How did you do, and how did these triumphs manifest themselves? Use your previous experiences to boost your self-assurance and faith in your ability to achieve your goals in the future.

2. Check your emotional well-being

Ask yourself is this feeling coming from within? Were you taught to neglect yourself? Is it your own self-worth that is challenged or is it something you have been told and you actually do not really care about? Identify the toxic voice.

3. Make a list of constructive goals for the future.

Examine your individual desires, interests, assets, and skills, and see how you can put them to use for you in order to live the life you want. Commit to living a comfortable lifestyle – without feeling obligated to achieve excellence. Make your goals reasonable and attainable, and move towards them one step at a time, celebrating your victories and overcoming your setbacks.

self love matters
Love Yourself

What is The Role of a Coach in this Scenario?

A Coach is someone who can show you how to be kind and have trust in yourself. It will seem easy, but it is not. If you've done your homework, you'll know that a large part of a self-esteem mentor is assisting people in identifying toxic voices one holds in their heads and combating their negative effects by keeping track of their daily "positive deeds."

‘’No one can start again and make a new beginning, but everyone can start over and make a brand new ending’’

Give us a shoutout to know more about how we can work together. It is time to start the beautiful journey.... to you.

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