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Is all coaching, life coaching?

When I started coaching, my fellow coaches, members of my cohort (coaching courses), even my friends asked me – what will you specialize in?

There seemed to be some underlying pressure to choose a practice area. Till one day I did what I always do when I am conflicted: meditate and reflect. This is what I concluded:

What is coaching for me? It is a tool to empower my clients, to make them stand in their power and take decisions from their consciousness and to the extent possible raise their awareness.

When I choose a practice area what restriction do I create? I end up coaching the client’s present situation and not the client.

Life Coaching, Reflections
Coaching is a means to empowerment

Then what should the coach be coaching?

  1. A coach should focus on raising the awareness of the client.

  2. No matter what the situation the client is in, the final solution has to reached by the client. The focus of the coach is to enable the client and not ‘fix’ the client.

  3. When a coach fixes or coaches the situation, the client reaches the desired outcome ‘in the moment’.

Life coaching
Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

A life coach understands that regardless of the situation, the overall well-being of the client is important. It is important for the client to take back from the coaching session and implementing it for himself or herself. This then is the place of self-awareness. Any coach will focus on the client – as a whole. Situational coaching also works well but more a quick fix.

When it comes to executive coaching or business coaching – it all comes down to coaching the individual but from a specific walk of life.

Do you need a life coach?
Is a coach right for you?

How do you know which coach is a right fit for you?

Well – ask! It is not necessary that the coaching practice is aligned to you, so it always best to get on a free call for your own clarity (there is a reason why it is called clarity or discovery call!!!). Make sure you discuss what your objectives are, so both of you are on the same page.

The quick solution always seems like a good way out but persistence and overall development of self-agency has a long lasting impact.

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