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When do you choose a coach?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

People are drawn to coaching for a variety of reasons. Most common being:

reasons to choose a life coach
Trying To Fit In?

You feel lost

Are you constantly feeling directionless? A coach helps you navigate and cut the clutter. If you are in a situation where you are unsure - whether it is switching a job, starting your business or asking for a raise – a coach helps delve deep and help you choose a path most aligned to you.

Want A Change?

You feel drained

Are you constantly drained? Are you in toxic relationship with your job, your boss or your subordinates or team members out of hand and difficult to manage? Coaching helps you manage these challenges. While challenges seem easy to manage but they can wreak havoc and disturb ones peace of mind and a good coach helps you stay on track and on top of these issues.

Need A Cheerleader?

You are demotivated

Often one needs a pick me up in life. Sometimes all is well but there is still a feeling of stagnation or a fear that you are not good enough. A coach can help with esteem issues and create an atmosphere to re-identify potential and in-turn help with growth prospects.

Talking yourself out of good ideas?

You self sabotage

Are you constantly talking yourself out of good ideas or not sticking to plans? Chances are you are self-sabotaging or have self-destructive habits. There are many ways that you could be self-destructing but may not even be aware of it. Like wanting to start a business with a full time job and snoozing the alarm every morning and not prioritising! A coach brings back your confidence and helps you revisit your thought patterns and align you to your productive self. Remember self awareness and sense of self is most important!

Transition can be tough

You are in a phase of transition

Transitions are tough! The human brain can be very resistant to change and many times a transitions can be challenging and may lead you to second guess yourself. A coach helps you stay on track and on the path you have chosen for yourself. Whether is identifying more strengths that help you generate more money or whether it is asking for the big promotion, a coach walks with you and helps simplify the daunting tasks.

A start can be daunting

You are scared of the next big step

So you have the goals chartered or a business plan ready or the conversation with your management is playing on loop in your head and you cannot take the next step. There could be many reasons, you do not know how, you are overthinking, you are unsure of yourself and so on. It may feel overwhelming but it is the only way to success.

These can be different challenges that an executive and business coach helps you navigate effectively and efficiently. A coach uses many tools to bring out the core of any matter and helps address the same. Call them a blindspot or a change in perspective but coaching can take you from where you are to where you want to be!

Book your free clarity call today.....and get your clarity!

Remember, the road to success only begins when you take the first step.

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