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How can a coach help?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

A coach acts as an accountability buddy in your journey. You decide the goal and the coach helps you navigate and achieve the same.

1. Setting Goals

A coach transforms you to become a go-getter. The aim is to work with you and help you identify the right goals, cut the clutter and map them to the end goal. Setting goals also keeps ones focus intact. Task setting has known to have proven results. It helps stay consistent. However, often you may know what the end goal is but it may take time and depth to gage and create tasks which lead to this end goal. A coach puts the tasks at hand into perspective and allows effortless flow from point A to point B.

a life coach can help you get to your goals
A strategically targeted goal has a better chance of conversion

2. Overcoming internal barriers

Limiting beliefs and corresponding actions are most common reasons that hinder movement towards one’s goals. Once in a while self-doubt creeps in even in the best of us. This can be challenging to overcome. Example: not applying to a job because the salary expectation is not met – this may be because one is over-analysing or under selling. These can be overcome on identification. A coach helps move through various probable action and helps you determine what would be the most aligned movement.

Overcome your limiting belief with a coach
When you overcome your internal belief barrier, you create miracles!
A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life. – John Wooden

3. Creating a structure

How many times does procrastination get in the way. A writer’s block is more common than you can imagine! A coach helps create a structure with you. Together you create your map and navigate through it. A structure induces efficiency. It is linked to goal setting which in itself is not enough. However, each person is different, so each structure is different. Coach brings tools that facilitate a structure and also creates a flexible back-up allowing you to work your way towards you desires!

a coach helps you overcome procrastination
When you hit a road block, remember you can always navigate it

4. Creating Accountability

Taking accountability and ownership for ones actions is very important. A coach does not just guide but also creates an accountability chart for you. This is as important as having a structure, a structure without ownership will collapse. Thus, when you start becoming accountable, you also evolve and grow as a person. While coaching may target one goal or action, it also aims at overall growth and tools learnt from the coach can enhance all areas of life.

How to become more responsible?
Responsibility evolves you both personally and professionally.

5. Tapping into resources

Knowledge to achieve and how to achieve is easy, people usually know, have or have come across resources that can help reach desires. For many reasons such as hesitation, unwillingness to determine the depth etc., its common to back out and leave these desires unfulfilled. Coach can help you tap internally or help you navigate and conclude on external resources which can be handy to reach the objectives!

How to get over my hesitation to start?
When hesitation clears, growth comes naturally.

Perhaps the article invoked more questions for you. Well inquisitiveness is an attractive quality.

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