Do you take accountability? Where will coaching lead you?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Ever left your work halfway? Ever been working with someone who left it halfway and assumed you will take over? How does that sound?

Did it make you cringe? Thought as much.

This is where accountability comes into picture. Accountability means to be liable to oneself and the work one undertakes to do. That simply means one is accountable for whatever he or she does be it in personal or professional life. It’s all about taking responsibility for all the actions you do and the related consequences. You are accountable to yourself, your life and career goals.

How to be more accountable?
Is self accountability, a struggle?

When your actions are not accounted for, you may actually adversely impact your career and sometimes your mental health. It may make you frustrated and demotivated. Without the push to improve oneself there lies no scope of growth, thereby end up with the decision of quitting. If you are not taking accountability for your actions, ask yourself – who is really driving your life?

Accountability means you are responsible for both your success as well as your failure. Most of us find it easier to take on the success and blame the external forces as the cause for our failure. But mistakes, failures are inevitable part of life. Sooner or later we are bound to cross roads with them. Do we learn or do we shun it? The attitude is a choice.

You do not take ownership overnight. It takes baby steps to get there i.e. from defining micro goals, breaking down tasks into smaller achievable targets, analyzing one’s own strengths and weakness, skill sets etc. Awareness on the work which is being done, making note of the mistakes and working on the same are some of the basic things of being self accountable.

"At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves - our success is a result of what we do." - Catherine Pulsifer

While being accountable is great, it can be difficult to abstain from self-bias. Going easy on yourself is a possibility, being too hard on yourself is another option. Are you keeping yourself balanced? A coach helps you get there – as your own accountability buddy. Set a goal and struggling? Cannot think through or go through with the next steps, hiring a coach may be the right choice for you.

A coach can help you recondition yourself or see yourself or your situation from a different perspective and develop a healthy mindset, assist you in sorting between different possible actions and identifying which one is most aligned course of action in your situation.With the right approach every problem can be solved. It’s not how big the problem is, it’s all about how you look at it and the ability to face it at ease is what matters. A coach can be your guide to attain proper balance and inevitably lead you to live a joyful routine with a healthy mindset.