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Determining Success

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Your definition of success is the milestone you set for yourself and the one you achieve on your terms because success has a unique definition for every individual. Success comes in all shapes and sizes like climbing a hill, diving into the ocean, building muscles or making more money. Success is derived from the motivation to achieve. Success also means facing challenges head on, not ignoring the failures and overcoming it Knowledge, power and skill all go hand in hand in driving the success.

How Do You Measure Success?
Measuring Success

Success is immeasurable as in our life we all play different roles which in turn give rise to different challenges. Success is a feeling, built within and an experience in itself. It’s never late to get started and write your success story because you are the real author of your story. At the end of the day success is derived from your own motivation, drive and level of ambition.

Define Success for Yourself
Achieving Success

Have you ever noticed successful people, they all have one quality which separates them from the rest, it’s the quality of facing challenges. Successful people face challenges head on, they don’t make excuses or ignore what lies ahead. So learn to nurture this quality – of taking accountability for your actions. Accountability is the key to success. People stuck in the blame game rut, stay in the same spot forever. Leaders and achievers move past situations by looking internally and tackling external challenges from their inner resolve.

Never Quit
Success is limitless

Success has no age and no bar, you are never too old to grow and become successful. Too young, too old, too big, too small, too much experience, no experience, too wealthy, too poor, too creative, too dull – all these are excuses that you tell yourself to keep yourself small and in the same place. This is a mind which tricks you to believe that you are not enough or you are not ready. But ask yourself, when would right moment come? You will realize the answer would be another delay tactic presented by the mind. Success has no boundaries, it is limitless and once you are on the path – your determination will make it happen!

Feel Your Passion
Feeling Success

A sense of satisfaction is a glimpse of success. The journey is enjoyable but the destination is the true reward. Success may be determined by tangible outcomes like buying a house, winning a competition, successfully giving birth, having your first client so on or it may be intangible - achieving work life balance, feeling happy and content. Always remember success may take many forms but all with the goal of making you feel satisfied.

You Got This
Coaching You Towards Success

A coach keeps you accountable and strive towards your goal. Your goal is either a measure of your success or an interim step as you head towards your larger goal. Growth in a corporate can be a milestone that can be achieved with a coach. Setting up your own business or growing your business may be other goals, for which you seek a coach. A coach is your buddy who keeps you accountable through this process.

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