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Building Confidence Through Coaching

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I believe most of us were taught to suppress our feelings, swallow our emotions at an early stage, which somehow plays a vital role in suppressing our confidence or self worth. When we start doubting our abilities, certain areas of our life is affected and then comes the unbalance, and it continues unless we take action to improve.

Confidence is the needed in any occupation whether run by you, owned by you or as the workforce. Being confident at workplace acts as a key factor for career success, helps you stay focused and active. There might be many reasons for your lack of confidence at work- maybe you are less experienced than others, new to the company, internal insecurities - not being good enough/smart enough/sharp enough, fear of losing job or more often than not, you are just simply too hard on yourself.


Building confidence is not a rocket science, but your mind can trick you into thinking otherwise. In fact it is a state of mind which can be achieved by practice, knowledge, positive thinking and by proper training. Coaches have the right tools and techniques to bring your power back to you.

Coaching can be a one stop shop to build confidence. A coach assists you to grow by reviewing your present situation, recognising factors that cause resistance and overcoming the possible problems and barriers. They then build a tailored course of action to help you gain the confidence which in turns reflects in your work.

'Don't fake it when you can truly make it'

Well you can fake to be confident but it is not the same thing as feeling confident. The charade tends to slip when you try too hard and do not feel it from within. If you actually want to feel confident rather than just act, hiring a coach may help you get there.

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